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Step into the world of point-of-purchase displays and packagings that are given a special touch. Established in 1994, Uniprint is unique in the industry as a leading designer and manufacturer of point-of-purchase displays and packagings. We apply proven methodologies and precision technology. We have a strong, diverse team of designers and technicians. We are result-oriented with a tenacious attention to detail. We deliver your product on time and within budget.

We understand the importance of reaching consumers at the point of purchase, and we give our products the special and exciting qualities of the first-class sales force. Our displays and packagings showcase retail products with class and style, and help businesses connect with and convince consumers to make that critical purchase decision.

Our wide-ranging production capabilities, in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior, and commitment to quality enable us to produce displays and packagings that increase sales and enhance product branding. Our displays are easily assembled and maintained. At the same time, they are more powerful in providing an entertaining and informational twist to point-of-purchase marketing. Our packagings stand out from the crowd. Their brilliant designs and colours liven up places wherever they go. We believe effective two-way communication is one of the key building blocks for the perfect point-of-purchase solution. Based on this principle, we engage in direct and active participation with our clients throughout the design and production processes.

We listen to you, and we study and analyze your needs before we recommend and implement the specific solution. Our competent staff gives you the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy and campaign.

Forward-thinking and result-oriented ideas come to life at Uniprint. Allow us to assist you in connecting and communicating effectively with consumers. Reveal your product’s full retail potential through Uniprint.

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